Make pasta
not pollution.

Always al dente, 100% biodegradable straws made from plants.

A beach cleanup
in Montauk.

Join us and our friends at Oceanic Global on July 17th.

Variety packs
are here!

25 count mixed color packs are perfect for retail & at home.
Sustainable pasta straws. 100% biodegradable eco-friendly drinking straws

Extra wide
pasta straws.

Perfect for smoothies, milkshakes and iced coffees.
Sustainable pasta straws. 100% biodegradable eco-friendly drinking straws

Individually wrapped
pasta straws.

Eco-Friendly Pasta Straws

We are the makers of the first-ever gluten-free pasta drinking straw on a mission to eliminate ocean plastic pollution. Our straws are long lasting, tasteless and 100% biodegradable. Join the Pasta Life family and say "pasta la vista" to plastic and soggy paper straws today!

These pasta straws are far sturdier than paper, fully biodegradable — and gluten-free, too.

I’ve since used Pasta Life straws in various drinks, from iced coffee, to hibiscus tea, to a blueberry smoothie, to ice water, all of which tasted as they should

Pasta straws are about to be your new favorite plastic alternative.

Whenever our servers mention the straws are made from pasta, guests are usually in disbelief. More times than not, photos are taken, prompting conversations about all of the straw alternatives that guests have seen previously.

Love my new gluten free pasta straws!! I hate paper straws so these are the best alternative to plastic! And they’re fun to eat :) can’t wait to get more!!

I love it! These straws are brilliant. Say 'pasta la vista' to plastic and paper straws'.

I had one in my iced tea for hours and it never got soggy or lost its shape! They look cute too! Looking forward to using these at a party. Absolutely recommend!

Sip, sip hooray! Do your part in helping the environment by ditching plastic straws and replacing them with Pasta Life's premium plant-based straws.

These rice flour-based pasta straws are durable and sustainable, and they've been engineered to last more than 40 minutes in a cold drink, which is three times longer than a regular paper straw.

We donate a portion of proceeds to ocean and marine life conservation and are proud sustainability partners of Oceanic Global 501(c)(3). To celebrate Plastic Free July we will be hosting a beach cleanup in Montauk, NY on July 17th.
Pasta Straws - Gluten-Free
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Perfect for at home and retail.
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