Mask on. Slurp on. Sip safely and sustainably with our premium reusable mask perfectly paired with our to-go pack of pasta straws. Great for any outdoor dining experience.

Stop Sucking Start Slurping

Plastic and paper straws suck — that's why we created an eco-friendly alternative you can love. We are the makers of the first-ever gluten free pasta drinking straw. Never soggy, always al dente, and 100% biodegradable. Together we can eliminate single-use plastic pollution.

Love my new gluten free pasta straws!! I hate paper straws so these are the best alternative to plastic! And they’re fun to eat :) can’t wait to get more!!

I love it! These straws are brilliant. Say 'pasta la vista' to plastic and paper straws'.

I had one in my iced tea for hours and it never got soggy or lost its shape! They look cute too! Looking forward to using these at a party. Absolutely recommend!

Sip, sip hooray! Do your part in helping the environment by ditching plastic straws and replacing them with Pasta Life's premium plant-based straws.

 I am very happy with my purchase. As advertised the straw kept its form until I finished my drink and I enjoyed the pasta when done. Very clever idea and product!

Pasta Life

For A Better Planet

Every year 8 million metric tons of plastics enter our oceans. While this may feel out of our hands, everyone has a role to play. Our products prevent toxic plastic straws from ending up in our life-sustaining oceans. If our pasta straws find their way into our waterways or oceans, they will biodegrade naturally or become a quick snack for marine life.

Regular 7.5" Pasta Straws
$14.99 // 150 straws
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Wide Smoothie 8" Pasta Straws
$24.98 // 200 straws
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Cocktail Pasta Straws
$16.95 // 190 straws
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Pasta Straws - Gluten-Free
Regular price $14.99 Save $-14.99

Limited time
Reusable Slurp Mask
Never take your mask off again. Safely enjoy your outdoor dining experience with our breathable cotton face mask with adjustable straps. Includes one pasta straw to-go pack and a portion of proceeds will be donated to the Ocean Conservancy to combat PPE ocean pollution as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Smoothie Pasta Straws - Gluten-Free
Regular price $24.98 Save $-24.98

Single Wrapped Pasta Straws - Gluten-Free
Regular price $52.00 Save $-52.00

Our Original collection now features Single Wrapped 7.5" length pasta straws to align with your local state's Department of Healthy (DOH) requirements for drinking straws.  

These durable, always al dente Single Wrapped straws last 60+ minutes in a cold beverage. 

Pasta Straws - Gluten Free & Eco-Friendly:

  • 400 Single Wrapped (7.5") straws per box
  • Extra wide 8mm diameter
  • Eco-friendly pasta straws
  • Tested as gluten free
  • Last 60+ minutes in cold beverage
  • 100% biodegradable breaks down in your backyard in less than 90 days
  • Made from rice flour, tapioca starch, and vegetables for all natural coloring:
    • White - rice flour, corn starch
  • No dyes or artificial coloring
  • Packaging may vary


Made from rice flour, veggies, and plant-based ingredients that are flavorless in beverages, naturally colored, and have been tested as gluten-free. Never soggy always al dente.
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Wide Smoothie Straws
Designed to last 40+ minutes with an extra wide 8mm diameter perfect for milkshakes, smoothies and green juices.
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Buy in bulk for bars, restaurants, smoothie & milkshake chains, hotels, and hospitality groups. Get cases and cut costs with speedy delivery. 

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