How Pasta Came to Life

Co-Founders (and best friends), Anthony Barresi & Dave Sedacca, both passionate about ocean preservation and cooking up homemade pasta as a family tradition were tired of soggy paper straws sucking! They were on a mission to create a better eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws that was cost effective and didn't taste like cardboard or breakdown in your drink in less than 10 minutes.

Driven by their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for pasta and our planet, the founders created a modern innovation from an Italian classic, but this isn't your grandma's bucatini. Anthony and Dave created their first homemade pasta straws in Anthony's kitchen in April of 2019 and took them to bars and restaurants in NYC for proof of concept. They knew they were on to something when bartenders and people started flocking to them asking where they could buy their pasta straws.

From kitchen concept to mass production, Anthony and Dave worked tirelessly to perfect the recipe, strengthen the composition, and create a product that was all natural and gluten-free to ensure everyone could use them. The founders have brought together the best minds in pasta from across the globe and after extensive R&D, Pasta Life has created a durable, long-lasting pasta straw designed to be 100% biodegradable in less than 90 days made from all natural plant-based ingredients. 

"Pasta brings people together," says Co-Founder, Anthony Barresi. "Our vision is to bring that mindset to the table and use pasta straws as a way to partner with like minded people to help tackle our planet's most pressing environmental issues." 

Today Pasta Life provides thirsty consumers around the world with an eco-friendly drinking straw solution they can love. Pasta Life straws last 40+ minutes in cold beverages and are available in 8 colors made from plants and veggies and 3 sizes to accommodate any drinking occasion. 

Sustainability and cleanliness are our top priorities — as a response to Covid-19 Pasta Life now offers individually wrapped pasta straws to align with CDC guidelines. The individually wrapped straws can be custom branded as well. For more information please email

Anthony & Dave continue to innovate and plan to expand their eco-friendly product portfolio in 2020. 

Say "pasta la vista" to plastic & paper straws with Pasta Life!